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Attachments and Aversions

How We Fall Out of Happiness


How We Return to Happiness!

Start with the premise, which you can test yourself, that your natural state is presence and with it comes unconditional happiness! Things go wrong when you shift your focus away from Being Present and you become unhappy. It's that simple. But there are many tricks that the ego uses to get us to shift our focus and create unhappiness.

The Ego Trick of Fear: This is at the root of all other tricks of de-identifying with Being Present, which means being what you truly are. Ultimately, every single negative thought and emotion can be traced back to our fear of death, or as John Sherman has called it "the feeling that you have a stake in the story."  The fear of death is the ultimate aversion and the root of all attachments and aversions; otherwise, why would the objects of our attachments and aversions cause so much fear and/or clinging?  We worry that if we don't get what we want, we will lose an element of our sense of safety.  When we worry, the ego strengthens.

The Ego Trick of Placing Conditions on our Happiness: True happiness is unconditional.  When we constrain our happiness with conditions, we create unhappiness.  Happiness cannot be created.  It flows from you as you are, but you cannot create it!  You can only allow for happiness to emerge from everything you are by Being Present.  Ironically, when we stop trying to beat happiness out of the Universe, which means finding it on the outside, we are supplied with everything we ever needed.  This is what "allowing" is all about in the so-called "law of attraction."  It has been said "Ask and you shall receive."  The course I offer to you is about learning how to ask with clarity and therefore receive with clarity.  There is a revealing exercise you will do on the first day of the course that will bring this home to you.  You'll understand that the only reason you have not succeeded as often as you would have liked is simply because you did not have a way to ask clearly.

The constraints on happiness can all be categorized in two camps, Attachments and Aversions, as taught as early as 445 B.C.  When you become attached or averse to an object, you are engaging in conditional love.  Conditional love is the basis for ALL conditional happiness.  What you are saying is "I will be happy ONLY IF I am able to get or keep the things I feel attached to AND ONLY IF I can get or keep the things to which I feel averse away from me."  You set up two big "IF's."  You know that an "IF" is a condition.  Every "IF" is what keeps you from the happiness that you want.  Would you like an "iffy" life or a happy one?

So ultimately, your attachments and aversions are the only things that create unhappiness.  They are at the root of all negativity and unhappy results (negativity is what the root of "evil" is that then gives rise to negative speech and actions).  The method taught to you in my course goes to these roots of unhappiness and allows you to transcend them.

Notice I did not say you have to do anything with the attachments or aversions such as "let them go."  It can be a great starting place and it is fine to "let go" if you are so moved, but the issue then becomes, who is it in the story of You that is doing the "letting go"?   What you will discover is that you do not need to "do" anything to transcend your blocks in life, just return to Presence, where all great men and women live, work, and create.  I show you a simple way to do it.

You cannot be eternal in your body, in a thought, in a feeling, or in any activity no matter how enjoyable.  You can only be eternal in Presence by Being Present.

I could ask you only to LOVE EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.  But even here I would be going too far.  Loving everything and everyone is not something that you need to sit down and plan to do as an ego.  You will simply do it simply by being present! The reason I don't even ask you to "try to love more" is because LOVE IS YOUR NATURE ONCE YOU ARE PRESENT! 

Love comes naturally to you as does success and happiness in life.  What's "hard" is all the doubting, yearning, and fear.  Taking this course will show you a way to make life easier and more enjoyable as well as successful.  You have only to be willing to admit that you don't have reliable methods right now and that you'd like to raise your consciousness and allow your life to change.  "I want to, but I don't know how!" is a common statement of frustration.  The FullyRealized™ Course will show you a path to freedom.

So here it is: I ask you and show you how to become present, free of attachments and aversions.  You return to your natural state of Being and from there, you can only be loving and happy and allow for the creation of great things in your life.  This is true for every being on the planet, no matter how outwardly confused and hateful they may seem.  Your nature is to be unconditionally loving AND happy.  You don't have to "work at it"; you only need to choose to be Present.

Just return to Being by being what you are, and being loving and being happy are not longer issues.  Nothing is an issue in fact and you find day after day that "all is well"!  This is NOT from a place of apathy by the way.  You live life joyously and do what you are called upon to do to be your authentic self.  If things come up, you know  how to return to Presence instead of letting your ego run amok and sabotage your relationships and results in your business and your health.  I will teach you how to create, but more precisely, how to do allow for creation in presence.  Go create billions of dollars if that comes to you to do, but do it with the unspoken and entirely natural sense of "all is well."

I hope that you will join me to learn how to become established in Presence. Why not fully realize your dreams including the dream of happiness! Full realization includes the realization of your life's dreams!   Please see the homepage for details on how you can learn these skills by clicking this link: Home Page

I wish for you that you have these tools as soon as possible.  Don't delay this learning. Your life will be SO MUCH MORE fulfilling with this knowledge than without it and you have been given this life to live it FULLY.  Call me today and start this work and have zero regrets about not doing whatever you could to find true happiness, true abundance, and complete health.

Call me at 424-234-6401 between 10:00 am - 7:00 pm ET, and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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Beyond Attachments and Aversions: From Beingness to Experience

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