Mind Body Healing Using the Mind Body Formula (TM)

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Mind Body Healing Using
The Mind Body Formula™

Note: Mind body healing is the third step of the Three Step Healing Process and is called the Mind Body Formula™. 

In dealing with your illness, have you consciously taken each of the 3 steps I describe below, or have you skipped one or more of them?

This is what I truly want you to hear, an interview explaining the Three Step Healing™ process on Anna Maria Island Radio. Simply click here: The Three Step Healing™ Process Explained

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For further insights into this Three Step Healing Process, please continue reading below the photo...

Thanks for the photo Steve Snodgrass

I recommend a unique integrative medicine approach that I call:

Three Step Healing
Diagnosis confirmation.  Treatment Decision.  Healing.™

- Do you feel overwhelmed by your diagnosis?
- Are you confused by all the choices you have for treatment?
- Is your diagnosis correct and how can you be sure?

-Do you want to know how to use your mind to heal your body?

End all the overwhelm,  confusion and doubt and take the three steps required for complete healing.  Request a free "My Path to Healing Strategy Session™" to see how this process can make your recovery so much easier.  Why would you not use your mind and spirit to help heal your body?

I'm David Durand, M.D., and I span the big gap between traditional and integrative medicine.
I will guide you through ALL three steps that are required for complete healing.


The Three Steps Are:

STEP 1: Diagnosis confirmation
STEP 2: Treatment decision
STEP 3: Mind Body Healing

STEP 1: Diagnosis confirmation

Avoid unnecessary treatment and suffering.  Have you considered that your diagnosis may be incorrect?  Why be treated for something that you do not have if that is the case? 

My specialized medical training is in diagnostic pathology and I was the Director of Surgical Pathology at Stony Brook University Medical School and now run a consultation laboratory where I focus on checking a patient's prior diagnosis to be sure it is correct. I review prior biopsies, slides from surgical material, and/or cytologies and labs as needed, because diagnoses are sometimes wrong. 

First we need to be sure your diagnosis is right before you consider ANY treatment whatsoever. Why in the world would a site dedicated to raising the consciousness of the world advocate determining the accuracy of the current medical picture of a patient?  Because living in presence starts with being present with your body as you and your doctors see it now. You cannot get from A to B without knowing what A is.  And sometimes the initial diagnosis is wrong, and it makes absolutely no sense to treat a disease that is not there! 

At every major referral center in the world, the prior diagnosis is checked before treatment is offered.  So if you intend to be treated at the same place you were diagnosed, you are missing Step 1.  This fact is often not pointed out to patients who seek diagnosis and treatment in the same place.  Having them both in one institution is fine, but the diagnosis should be checked by an outside pathologist, and radiologist as appropriate, first.  It is important to confirm your diagnosis before treatment.  I've personally witnessed numerous cases of physicians agreeing with each other simply because they were in the same hospital or division.  They meant no harm; it's human nature.  But why shouldn't you receive the best opportunity for having the correct diagnosis, which may come with a second opinion?

I will help you confirm your diagnosis.  If you have pathology slides from a previous biopsy or cytology and/or laboratory results, I can confirm your diagnosis for you, as I am trained in pathology as a physician.  If necessary, I will refer your case to another expert if such expertise is demanded by your case.  I'll review your case with the same care I have reviewed my own family's pathology slides.

You don't want to do either traditional OR complementary treatment OR even spend hours praying about or doing mind body healing work on a disease that does not exist.  Does that make sense? 

It turns out that my expertise as a pathologist is extremely valuable in helping patients to heal, because I understand their entire medical picture.  Having someone do mind body healing work with you when they don't know what is wrong with you or even if your diagnosis is in fact correct is a dangerous practice on the part of some "alternative health" practitioners that may lead to bad results.  This is why I verify the diagnosis in Step 1.

Step 2: Treatment Decision

Get relief from the confusion and overwhelm. I help you arrive at your treatment decision using my proprietary methods resulting in relief from the confusion and emotional overwhelm that may come with finding out you have an illness.

Using approaches that I have developed, I take you through the process of coming to a decision on a treatment plan that works for you in cooperation with other physicians and practitioners who may be helping you.  I collaborate with your other doctors to achieve the best results.

Many patients when confronted with a diagnosis, especially a serious one, are very confused and emotionally overwhelmed.  I will help you get past the confusion and the overwhelm to a decision whether it is to do traditional medical care, complementary medical care, both, or no treatment at all in some cases.  Making a decision in a state of confusion and overwhelm is not a good idea.  Mind body healing is NOT effective when our minds are racing in confusion and overwhelm.

Many will decide to use both traditional and complementary approaches, including mind body healing, but it is your body.  It is your health and healing we are talking about here.  You are the one who decides on a treatment and healing plan that fits you, but without all the confusion and overwhelming emotions blurring your mind. 

Step 3: Healing

Heal your body in a natural way in addition to receiving traditional medical care that you may choose. I guide you to do something that many of us have never consciously done before, which is to access the body's natural healing ability via my proprietary mind body healing methods. I show you a reproducible method of restoring health, which you can use now and for the rest of your life to heal your body.

Step 3 is mind body healing using the Mind Body Formula.  You will use ALL modalities that you decide to include in your treatment plan to heal, both traditional and/or complementary.  This is known as integrative medicine.  And remember that the mind is an important resource for healing. 

Why would you shortchange your own healing process by neglecting a huge resource like mind body healing?  In the past, I was as skeptical as you may be, but having witnessed RESULTS of the Mind Body Formula™ in myself and others since then, I now know the truth - it works!

If you at least believe the mind can effect the body to some extent, you can be helped by mind body healing.  Why not simply try it and prove to yourself that it works?

So what do most patients prefer to do?  The most comfortable choice for most patients on the healing path is to add what I call the Mind Body Formula™ to traditional medical, surgical and other treatments as Step 3.  Some will find the Mind Body Formula sufficient. 

In medicine, it is common for multiple treatments to be given to a patient for a single disease.  Treatments that are added to the front line treatment, as the mind body healing using the Mind Body Formula™ can be, are called adjuvant treatments or adjuvant therapies.  So for example, a patient may undergo surgery and have "adjuvant" chemotherapy afterwards in addition to the surgery.  Sometimes they may have two adjuvant therapies/treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. 

Using both surgery and antibiotics would not commonly be called "adjuvant" therapy, although in fact it does represent that.

As another example, if you have low back pain, the combination of mind body healing, specific exercises, and changing your bed may work better than taking just one of those approaches.  Part of mind body healing is to take specific actions that support your health as needed in addition to the direct mind body work.

The point is that you can add the mind body healing using the Mind Body Formula™ (MBF™) to whatever approaches you are using now to maximize your results.  You may just be using an antibiotic.  The Mind Body Formula™  may be helpful in fighting an infection, because the relief of stress has been shown to maximize the body's immune response to infections (and tumors as well) for example.  In any case, why ignore the powerful mind body connection.

Support of health is not healing.  The body heals after medicine is given and surgery is done.  Your mind can either get in the way of your subsequent healing or allow for and accelerate that healing as my testimonials below demonstrate. 

Mind body healing is provable and you have everything to gain (healing!) by using ALL of the tools you have been given to deal with a health challenge. 

I recommend that if you have not been diagnosed or if symptoms keep coming back and your beliefs allow it, that you see a physician in order to come to a diagnosis.  I can help you with this step if you like.  This is helpful, because the "medical picture" that your diagnosis represents is what is currently in your consciousness.  Denying what is presently in your consciousness is not going to be helpful to you.  That is not presence.  Knowing what you believe is going on by being diagnosed accurately is important, because it is from your current understanding that I will work with you, and it is there that the mind body healing work begins.

Some people may wonder whether they are capable of receiving renewed health even in part through mind body healing.  They wonder whether the Mind Body Formula™ can work specifically for them.  They have been told that "If you get sick, you go to a doctor and you'll need X, Y, and Z to heal."  And they are so focused on the things they need to "do" using traditional medicine to become well that they completely miss the mind body healing connection in their healing process.

If you were told to have surgery and take an antibiotic to become well again, how well do you think you would heal if you simply skipped the antibiotic meant to prevent an infection?  (This of course assumes you are using traditional medical care.)  It would be likely your healing would be difficult or delayed at best due to infection.

So what if you leave out the mind body connection, and you simply skip "mind body healing" as you attempt to heal?  Healing may be both harder and slower.  You have the mind body healing tool at your disposal.  You have the ability to use it.  Are you going to use it?

Are you going to decide to use all that is available to you to get well or are you simply going to "skip" over that part of your healing opportunity? 

That is what mind body healing is.  It represents an opportunity to maximize the renewal of your health.  You can prove that mind body healing works and adds to anything else that you choose to do to become well again.

I believe the Mind Body Formula™ will work for you, if you are willing to test it yourself and have some level of belief that your thoughts and feelings have an influence on your body.  Proving something requires that you simply apply yourself, and see if it works.  If mind body healing does work in your own experience, then you will no doubt continue to use it. 

Fortunately, using the Mind Body Formula™ is the one action you may take in regard to your health that is unlikely to cause any harm.  How could raising your consciousness or thoughts of your health and allowing mind body healing to take place possibly hurt you?

What doctor teaches you a method you can use for the rest of your life to apply to any health issue that arises?  There are not many.

Some of those involved in healing ask you to "give your power away."  They are present with you and lift you up for a moment to the point of mind body healing and give you no insight into how to heal yourself going forward.  This is delivered by many with the utmost compassion and it is perfectly fine for those who want healing "done to them," but it is not much different than having "health done to you" by medical personel without also taking your own consciousness of health and healing into account.

There is as much a place for healing that is "done to people" as there is for antibiotics.  They are offered out of compassion.  After all, even very famous healers have  healed out of compassion and in practice would lower the energy of a healing by putting mud on a blind man's eyes to heal him, not because the healer himself thought he needed mud to do the healing, but because the blind man believed he needed the mud.

Some of you will run off to a foreign country to find healing and that is fine.  When you return from your trip, you may suddenly realize that the healing came from you, not from the external source. 

Remember Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz?  From the beginning of her journey to Oz she always had the power to return home.  She just had to be shown the way.  You already have the ability to heal.  I show you the way.

Remember that those who are honest about healing will never attribute the results to themselves.  Surgeons cut out parts of the body, but have never once healed a human body.  The body heals itself. 

So who comes to me?  Those who come to me by phone or in person want to be empowered and know what healing is about from the inside out as they heal.  Of course they want healing, but they also want to grow in understanding.

Did your Mom tie your shoes for you your whole life or did she do it for a while as she showed you how to do it yourself?

You don't need me to heal you for the rest of your life.  You only need me to show you how to heal once and maybe be reminded occasionally until you achieve your own understanding. 

My approach in Step 3 is about you receiving the power you were given to heal, which is the power of conscious presence not delivered from the outside, but delivered from the inside, from your very own consciousness.

The point of the Mind Body Formula™ approach is to say "You are willing to have surgery, take medications, and receive other treatments, so why not look at the way your mind influences the health of your body?  Or if you use predominantly alternative health approaches with or without some traditional medicine, you can also bring the Mind Body Formula™ to bear on your health.  We are taught to "move our feet," which includes accessing all available tools.

I have been able to help numerous patients using the Mind Body Formula™ experience health and drop pain and various symptoms and diseases by guiding them in learning how to raise their consciousness of health.

What have my clients said?

"Before Dr. Durand worked with me on my neck problem related to arthritis, I could not turn my neck without severe pain or even ride in a car for more than a half hour. Before working with him, I went to every kind of doctor there is including an acupuncturist, doctors who gave me shots in my shoulder, and a neurosurgeon. Another person worked with me and gave me exercises for my neck. The results?  No relief.  None of those things worked.  I even tried some of them more than once to no avail and at great cost, since most were not covered by Medicare.

I worked with Dr. Durand over a period of a few weeks and experienced complete relief. People are still asking me how my neck is.  That was three years ago!  I am so grateful that I was able to work with Dr. Durand and finally be free of the pain."

Martha, Cleveland, Ohio

"Dr. David Durand:  Thanks for our time working together this morning.  In less than one hour my knee is so much better.   I went from 100 to a 20 pain level.  I feel 10 years younger when I walk and rise from a chair now.  It is amazing what can be accomplished in such a short time.

 Regards, Robert"

"Recently I was at my sister's house and got very sick.  My nose was red and congested and I had a very sore throat, a deep hacking cough, and felt very sick.   I had to drive back home the next day which is about a 12 hour drive. 

David called and worked with me, and all I had to do was listen and respond to his questions.  After he worked with me for 45 minutes, the redness on my nose was gone, the nasal congestion was gone, my throat was not sore, the cough was very slight, and the general bad feeling of malaise was gone.

I got home fine, but did have some continued cough a few days later.  I worked with David again on a deeper level for another 1/2 hour or so and the cough was finally gone.  The next time you have symptoms, I would recommend giving David a call.  What you learn could help you deal with illness for the rest of your life if you should get sick again."


As you can tell from the next testimonial, which mirrors the previous one, the method is reproducible:

 "Working with David was such a blessing. I had a bad sore throat, cough, and chest soreness for the prior 3 weeks and had no idea when it would end.  When we started I rated my throat pain at a 30 on a scale of 0-100, and that went to zero!  My cough went from an intensity of 70 to about 10.  Soreness of my chest went from 30 to 0. I was then able to use the principles he taught me to continue reducing symptoms for the rest of the week.

David has a very soothing, personable manner, and you can tell he is really committed to your healing. The mind-body practices are very powerful, and they make perfect sense when David explains them. I couldn't be more pleased.

Thanks David!"

Nicole Belle

"Thank you for sharing your technique to heal physical symptoms! The congestion left and never came back!"


"Just before I was to go on vacation to Europe, I accidentally walked into a glass door severely bruising my knee.  I didn't realize how hard I had hit it until I woke up the next day in agony.  I called Dr. Durand who took me through some of his simple methods of talking to me and he showed me how to relieve my severe pain within a few minutes.  There was some pain left, but it was very manageable.  It took some time to heal after that, but I no longer had the severe pain after our work together.  What a relief!"

Cheryl, Marin County, California

"I greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with Dr. Durand on a physical issue that had been a concern for a few months.  We worked one session and the pain was gone. 
By reviewing the process in the following days on my own, the healing is continuing.  With enthusiasm, I recommend Dr. Durand's method of transcendence to assist in achieving mental, emotional, and physical well-being."

Rev. Elizabeth Thompson

"I had badly injured my elbow in an athletic activity.  It hurt and I could only extend it about 90 degrees before I spoke to Doctor Durand.  I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about what would happen over the phone, and I was totally amazed when I actually moved my injured elbow with more range of motion instantly during the call. 

Doctor Durand taught me a few key concepts about raising my consciousness, and then explained how to heal the injured area. Then immediately after the 10 - 15 minute lesson, I was moving my arm with no pain.  I was utterly amazed.  I just followed the instructions and instantly - BOOM, I was able to extend my elbow completely and without pain.  I truly appreciate and thank you for your gift.  Knowing that I can now repeat this myself is wonderful." 

Kimle Nailer

"I am so fortunate to have known David for several years now. At one time, I had broken my leg and sustained multiple internal injuries to my knee. After working with David for 30 minutes I could feel the throbbing pain begin to resolve and saw I could bend my knee an additional 40 degrees!

He has a rare understanding of our true nature, particularly the workings of the human mind and an equally important ability to know how to apply it. I highly recommend him!"

Peter Butera, D.O.

If you have an illness such as cancer, it has been long proven that looking at the connections with previous and current events is a powerful tool in healing.

"A huge thank you to David for his generous and patient work with me to finally start being with the trauma of my recent severe auto accident and to process it emotionally.  I started from viewing the accident restively as a blurred event that continued to hold its power with me - something I hadn't even fully seen for myself or appreciated!

After our conversation, I had a new-found ease and discovered new, unexpected lessons, both from the accident itself and for how I have been living with cancer.  

I am freer and more effective because of it. Thank you so much David!"

Eric Asbeck

"David has a true gift. I came to him with severe shoulder/rotator cuff pain.  The pain was so bad I was not able to even lift my arm higher than my hip without severe pain.  David worked with me with the Mind Body Formula™ and in less than 10 min I got results that were completely amazing.  I no longer had any pain and could fully use my arm.

He is genuine and one of a kind.  I can't wait to see what else he can show me."

Sarasota, Florida

What I do essentially is guide you to your acceptance of your own healing.  Some say "by your faith you are healed" actually more accurately is translated as "by your acceptance you are healed."  You simply need to accept your health, and I'll guide you there if you are willing.

If you think this is some kind of "wooo wooo" process, think again.  I was also somewhat skeptical until I experienced the results of this first hand in myself and by others under my own direct observation. 

Remember that I have contributed to the "logical and very scientific" medical literature and discovered a molecule (NF-AT) that is now in the medical textbooks.  I can say humbly that few physicians can make that particular claim. 

If you have even partial belief in the power of the mind to influence the body, you can experience the results of mind body healing.  No, I cannot guarantee that and I will not, because you are the ultimate vehicle of your own healing, not me.  I serve as your guide and will hold you in the highest healing consciousness possible.  What happens is that when I see it, you see it too.  My understanding becomes your understanding of health.

So what is needed for healing to take place?  What you need to establish is clear thinking and you need to arrive at the place you know "I am healed" or "I have my healing NOW."  Again, I cannot promise you specific results, because I do not know you and what you believe, but those who choose to restore their health open themselves up to the possibility of health.

You just need some guidance to find the place of mind body healing within yourself. It's always been available to you.  My role is to show you where your healing lies.  You see it as well, as I point it out to you!

 Those who benefit most:

- Understand that diagnoses are not always correct and need to be checked. A second opinion is the standard of medical care.

- Feel relieved to get past the overwhelming feelings of dealing with a new diagnosis and the mounds of medical information and decisions they need to make about treatment

- Wish to pursue the mind body connection to ensure complete healing using the body's innate ability to heal. They understand that leaving out this form of support of the healing process may make the path to complete healing longer and harder.

If it is going to work with a given patient, I find that:

1. It does not matter what the person's background or religion is other than the fact that they believe that their thoughts and their feelings about their health can either contribute positively or negatively to their health.

2. Many who find relief from mind body healing, receive it within minutes. The level of resistance to mind body healing determines the speed of your healing. I cannot regulate that.  But no matter what resistances may be there, I am capable of helping you find and eliminate them if you are willing.

3. Some do require additional sessions in which we go deeper than the superficial symptoms you may be experiencing. This step may or may not be necessary in the process of mind body healing.  Mind body healing takes the willingness to look at yourself and see what it is that you are thinking about your health.  Those who choose to "look" at this deep level often find the complete healing they wanted.

4. Another person's results should encourage you, but you must choose mind body healing for yourself, as I guide you to your health.

How do you start?

Request a free "My Path to Healing Strategy Session" to see how this Three Step Healing Process can make your recovery to health so much easier.  Call me at 424-234-6401 between 9 am and 6 pm ET Mon. - Fri. or email me via the Contact Me page.  You will experience less stress, less confusion, and more healing!

Over the weekend or after hours, please send me a message via the Contact Me page.

Three Step Healing™ work:

Step 1, Diagnosis Confirmation, is generally covered by Medicare and/or insurance.  Please call me at 424-234-6401 for details and go to my consultation website here for Step 1: Pathology consultation at Second Look Pathology™  

Step 2, the Treatment Decision Step, is done as part of the course work described on the Home Page under "Mind Body Healing Work."  You can find that here: Mind Body Formula Work (please scroll down after clicking this link)

Step 3, the Mind Body Healing work, is conducted and taught as part of a course on healing.  Please see my comments on the Home Page under "Mind Body Healing Work" here: Mind Body Healing Work (please scroll down after clicking this link) .  You can reach me between 9 am and 6 pm EDT at 424-234-6401 Monday thru Friday for any of the Three Steps or send me a message with a brief summary of your health situation using the contact box link on the upper left. 

NOTE: If you are in the Sarasota area, or can come here, much of the work, if not all of it will be covered by insurance and/or Medicare.  The requirement is that I see you in person.

If you need help on the weekends or after hours, please send me a message via the "Contact Me" button on the blue navigation bar to the left.

Thank you for visiting.  Please subscribe to my free newsletter on living in presence here: Subscribe Here to My Free Newsletter.  Stop by the Live In Presence™ blog (the link is at the top of the homepage) often for my ongoing thoughts about how to achieve presence in life and in health.

Testimonials beyond the Mind Body Formula™"

Required Disclaimer: The Mind Body Formula™ and mind body healing discussion does not represent any form of medical treatment or advice by itself.  I recommend that you consult with your physician as needed and doing that which feels right for you.  Whether you apply the Mind Body Formula™ to your situation or not, I recommend that you use traditional health care options to obtain and then confirm your diagnosis in a way that is consisent with your beliefs.  Your diagnosis represents the place you start from and then move to health.  Results of others providing testimonials above cannot be guaranteed in your particular case.  The methods taught to you are for educational purposes only and your application of the methods taught to you is your sole responsibility, as it is your right to apply them to your health issue or not. As stated above, please either send me a message with a brief synopsis of your situation using the contact box link on the upper left or call me with your questions between 9 am and 6 pm ET at 424-234-6401.

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