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Presence Definition, Theory and Practice

Presence (Being Present) → Feeling  →  Thinking   → Creation  →  Experience

The definition of Presence is simply the direct experience of being present.  The theory is that in Presence all things are possible.  You need to get back to Presence, if you want to achieve both results in your life as well as happiness.  The greatest things can be accomplished and the greatest happiness is experienced in Presence. 

So how do you get back to Presence when you slip?  One way to get back to presence or being present is by examining your experience and backtracking to your thoughts and feelings that led to the creation of that experience. Then you can return to placing your conscious attention on being present, or on what you really are. "What you are" is not someone who is wrapped up in a big dramatic story. That is not you; rather, it is a story about you.

The way you bridge back to being your true Self or Being Present is by transcending your thoughts and feelings, by recognizing that they are NOT WHAT YOU ARE!  You are not a bunch of thoughts and feelings comprising a dramatic story that you call your life!  You are far more than that limited picture of yourself.

Could you be what you are?™ 
You can be what you are if you see that you HAVE a body but are not a body and you HAVE thoughts and feelings but are not equal to your thoughts and feelings. They do not define you.  They do not limit you unless you hold them in your consciousness as your permanent unchanging truth.  By the way, if that is true, then why do you take your story so seriously day after day?  Wouldn't you like to learn a way, never before shared with you, to make life easier and more enjoyable?

We are using the word "transcend" in a specific way here. We mean "ceasing to identify with." You can enjoy your life without identifying yourself with suffering, which occurs when you identify with your heavy feelings.  When you no longer identify with those feelings as BEING YOU, you are suddenly FREE and no longer experience the sense of being unsafe if things don't work out the way your ego says they should. You are OK regardless of how things turn out, while having a preference if you like.

A preference is a choice made without attachment or aversion. Just choose and enjoy your life as it is, even as you may seek to improve it. Do that improving from a place of knowing at all times that "all is well." We are not talking about running away here.  To transcend your life is to be fully present in it as YOU!  Not the limited you, but the empowered you.

The place of Being Present or simply Presence is not some wimpy state in which you let the world run you over or run you by. "Being Present" does not mean you HAVE to be on a mountaintop with your palms up in the air to be happy unless that's what you choose! It is far easier to be Present somewhere else than being Present IN YOUR LIFE.  You don't have to go anywhere to be Present when you know how to return to Presence from wherever you are.  If you drift away from being fully present, you need to know how to "bridge back" to Presence.

"Being Present" means being in the zone, being what you truly are, and this is where all the greatest inventions arose from and where all the greatest acting, musical, and sports performances arise from. Einstein and Edison were known to have rituals of getting their minds quiet and Present enough to create and did they ever! And you will too. What you create will flow from your particular experience.

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