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Testimonials from Students

My students tell me that they not only feel more at peace, but they see great results in their life. Here's what they have to say. 

Hi David,

I just wanted to Thank You for introducing me to your Full Realization Process™ or FRP™.

Since I took your course, I have instituted the program into my life, both business and private. Since the start of the course I have felt a calming in my life that I have never felt previously. Being an A type personality this is very helpful.

As you are aware through using FRP™ I have been able to work thru two contracts to closing that I thought were dead in the water and have gotten a listing out of the blue. The results have been phenomenal!

I also have noticed an improvement in my communication skills since taking your course. I look forward to a much more calm and prosperous life, thanks to FRP™!!! 



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What can you expect from the course?

"I attended David's FullyRealized™ Course without having preconceived ideas of any benefits but I now see that he has created and mastered a technique that allows one to act to transcend emotions that are not the real you.

You are not an emotion. It's not the real you in that sense. The benefit to me was to recognize a level of myself in which I could allow myself to rise above emotions.

There is great peace that comes from using David's techniques. It also allows one to be open to receiving greater inspiration and connection from a higher source. There is an increased awareness of seeing an emotion but not bogged down by it.

David's technique is truly causing a higher level of consciousness to arise in individuals studying with him.

On a practical level, I found that my ability to communicate with my manager expanded dramatically immediately after taking the course. I highly recommend you take it! I am so grateful that I did."


The course also works on all sorts of relationships, personal and business. Remember that you can be healed in body, finances, and in relationships. 

Here's an example of being "stuck" in an old relationship, meaning not being over a relationship that has ended.  Still feel painfully attached to or angry with him/her?  It is unfortunately very common, but it does not have to remain that way.  Give me a call, and let's free you from that sort of pain, just as I was able to help this client:

"Dr. Durand assisted me with his method to process emotions and gain understanding of a confusing situation in which I was attached to a man who was unavailable to me.  When we began I was painfully attached to this man, and I felt heartbroken. 

Dr. Durand's astute insight combined with humor and the unique ability to capture both the details and the big picture allowed me to feel completely understood.  No stone was left unturned, and time seemed to fade away during the sessions, as his rapt attention and caring presence in itself was healing and transformative. Dr. Durand helped me to see that what I was perceiving as real was in essence an attachment, or an idea of what could be, rather than what was actually happening at the moment.  He showed me at a deep level that attachments come and go, but True Love lasts forever. 

At the end of our three sessions, I was surprised at how free I felt from this man.  Getting completely past the attachment allowed me to feel happy again, to move forward much more quickly in my life, and to be open to meeting someone new."


Notice the progress this client L.W. made with a major relationship (her "crazy ex") over a series of calls:

Call 1: His method and what he has to say is truly amazing.   L.W.

Call 2: Second "lesson" in FTP and made huge progress and have almost found peace with a huge stumbling block in my life preventing me from finding the inner peace I truly desire. A million thank you's.  L.W.

Call 3: Fantastic Call!  Learn life-changing techniques to handle situations. Managed to laugh uncontrollably about my crazy ex and to not take him so seriously. Thank you so much and a pleasure to talk to this very smart guy.  L.W.

Call 4: Each time I work with David I feel more and more centered and I am seeing the positive impact of that on my relationships.   L.W.

Call 5: Well another fantastic call and by implementing the program I have seen amazing changes in my life, unbelievable changes. Its much more than reading books as you are taught and nudged and reminded to make the changes not just read about them - with amazing impact on your life too..... You don't need a psychic telling you what you want to hear, but a guy giving you the power to make happen what you truly desire.  L.W.

Call 6: Another great call and some "kicking" as I am at times being lazy and wanting the results but not doing the work.  He really helped me through a major crisis and low and behold with courage I approached the problem differently and got great results.  A million thank yous!  I really think this program will become big. This is the "secret" in action, with guidance to put it into practice on real life problems. An amazing teacher!  Thank you so much.  Worth every penny and so much more.  L.W.

Other people don't need to hold you back! Learn how to let them go peacefully.

"YES YES YES!!! I'm not walking around on eggshells for anyone in my life again for some time. You are a great coach David. Thank you for stepping up and helping me see past the frustration and into a loving space for her!" 

Dia Oliveira

Others have had great success applying my approach to their relationships:

Extremely astute and understanding...able to grasp and navigate through the complexities of relationship. He possessed a heart intelligence... able to cut through to the core of things. I really appreciated him giving me that exercise that feels so appropriate to my situation.  I needed something else to chew on ;) and I DO expect it to be transformative. Highly recommended!


I'm not kidding or exaggerating- he truly helped me!!!  I've had some recurring problems with people and he helped in just days to fix the problems. These were things going on for many years!  I have not yet told him the last situation that turned around but will when I next talk to him. Give it a chance and give it a sincere try.  :)


I'll help you see things that you may not be able to see on your own.  The deal is this: I see who you are, so you can be truly who you are.

It has been possible to see myself in completely different perspective after talking with Dr. Durand. I believe that he can help anyone get to the core of their problems and we all know that if you can get to the core you have a chance at anything.  I recommend him as one of the highest in this area. 


Smoother Negotiations with Everyone in Your Life

Working with Dr. Durand has helped smooth my negotiating abilities and thus my relationships. His techniques transformed my day to day life. Thank you! 


David, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, work and time with me. You are wonderful. 


Please see the Mind Body Formula page for health testimonials: Mind Body Formula™ Testimonials

Realize of course that results vary with the person taking the course and their own dedication to growth and realization. 

You can reach me at 424-234-6401 between 9 am and 6 pm ET if you would like to discuss your transformation and the best path for you or send me a note via the Contact Me link to the above right. 

The key is to get started and open up to a whole new way of being.  Only then, can you accept the good that is meant for you. 

Again, reach me at 424-234-6401 between 9 am and 6 pm ET.  Send me a message via the Contact Box if it is "after hours" or on the weekend.

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