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About the author: David B. Durand, M.D.


I attended college at Dartmouth, where I majored in Chemistry and then trained as a physician at Columbia University in New York.  I then specialized in diagnostic pathology, becoming the Director of Surgical Pathology at Stony Brook University Medical School.  While doing basic research at Stanford University , I discovered a molecule that is now in the medical textbooks that helps to regulate the immune system and form part of the nervous system and the heart valves. 

But my true interest was in how the mind works to enter the zone of Presence from which all creativity and happiness arises.  Funny I should look for that in a basic science laboratory, but the best place to look is right where you are!

Along the way, I was exposed to Christian teachings particularly through my grandmother's influence as she was the manifestation of unconditional love in all she did, and was clearly well on her way in realizing a very high level of consciousness at the time of her death.  Having a living example of love in one's life is a very helpful guide to show us our progress.  I also learned how to transcend mental programming from both Eric Butterworth of Unity Ministry, whom Oprah Winfrey credits with her current understanding of Christianity as well as from Tony Robbins through his audio course, and through the study of hypnotherapy, which is really the study of how our subconscious thoughts affect our lives.  Most recently I spent five years mastering and facilitating a method of letting go of negative thinking and raising one's consciousness.  That was an incredible journey! 

I then continued investigating how our thoughts determine the nature of our results in Wealth, Health, and Relationships and developed powerful processes that simultaneously lead to goal achievement and what I like to call "unconditional happiness." The core processes are called the Feeling Transcendence Process™ and the Full Realization Process™.  This is the subject of the FullyRealized™ Course.  Using these methods, I work with clients from all backgrounds and religions around the world who are real estate agents and developers, mortgage brokers, business leaders, lawyers, doctors and health professionals, investors, teachers, and non-professionals. 

My role in this is that of a non-ecumenical teacher, and I can address any issues at all with you including health, abundance, and relationships.  I will be your guide as you see that you can heal and prosper.  I will not function as your physician or financial advisor in this capacity.  The work I do is done in consciousness and supports the healing you may choose to do with your own physicians and other health care providers or, in the area of finances, as we address your financial issues, your financial advisors.

In this role I will help you to move up in consciousness and achieve both success and peace in all that you do.  The only way to heal any aspect of your life be it physical health-related, financial, or relationship-related is to move up in consciousness and be completely present in each of those areas.  I will show you what that means for YOU as an individual.

The overarching goal is to help anyone who wants it to achieve full realization in consciousness (meaning living a fully conscious life), but on the way it's possible to work on any goal or issue at all.  If you would like to know more about complete and unconditional happiness, have questions after visiting my site, or would like to schedule an individual session with me or take my course, feel free to call me between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm ET at 424-234-6401.  I would be happy to be of help to you in any way I can and allow you to experience permanent, unconditional happiness in Presence.

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Call me at 424-234-6401 between 10:00 am - 6 pm ET, and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have!


I am who I say I am: Florida Medical License #100793


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