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Your Nature is Unconditional Happiness

You cannot create happiness; you can only reveal the happiness that is already inside of you.  Your very nature is unconditional happiness.


It has been reasoned that you cannot add space to a room if it is cluttered with junk; you can only remove the junk.  Only when you transcend "mental clutter" can you find the underlying presence.  You transcend mental clutter by becoming aware of your subconscious thinking and learning to consistently bridge back from your attachments and aversions to presence and unconditional happiness. 


You cannot stake your happiness on the world, because when you try that, the thing you create lasts for a while and then dies, disappears or degenerates.  That is the nature of all matter in the Universe.  It is constantly changing.  This does not mean you should not bother to create wonderful things in the world as you dedicate yourself to your unconditional happiness!  It simply means to create without the craving or attachment.  Enjoy your life and create from your heart doing what you love.  Nothing but good can come of that.


If we have an attachment to a thing or a condition, we make our happiness conditional and fleeting. We give up unconditional happiness.  We are telling the world that we will only be happy "if" this or "if" that.  We are signing up for conditional happiness when we approach life in this way.


Unconditional happiness is always available when we return to presence.  The abililty to be present in fact never leaves us; it is we who leave presence and become ill physically, financially, and in our relationships.  This is why people refer to financial health and healthy relationships in addition to body health. 


It is all about achieving health throughout your life through presence.  Unconditional happiness is immediately available to you regardless of what you are experiencing now.  Every experience is temporary without exception.

There is more on that here: Establishing Unconditional Happiness in Your Life





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