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What Eckhart Tolle says about transcending feelings:

"Whenever you accept what is, something deeper emerges than what is. So, you can be trapped in the most painful dilemma, external or internal, the most painful feelings or situation, and the moment you accept what is, you go beyond it, you transcend it."***

Eckhart Tolle has also said that Presence is "the place where all healing occurs and no problem can survive."# # #

That which seemed impossible from the ego's point of view becomes possible while Being Present.

Going beyond a feeling to be in the present moment is what I refer to as transcending a feeling in the Feeling Transcendence Process and via the Full Realization Process taught in my course.  Learning these two simple yet powerful processes in the course will give you the tools to become fully present in your life and wake up to unconditional happiness!

I am offering the course at a discounted price given as a teleconference course.  Please see the bottom of the homepage for details by clicking the following link:  Home Page

Call me at 424-234-6401 between 10:00 am - 7:00 pm ET, and I'd be happy to sign you up!


*** Excerpted from an interview of Eckhart Tolle by Kim Eng (link is no longer available).

# # # Excerpted from: Eckhart Tolle on Presence

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